[ti:Vatican Asks Catholics to Drop Investments in Fossil Fuels, Arms] [by:pzw8555.cn] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问pzw8555.cn [00:00.04]The Vatican is urging Roman Catholics [00:05.12]to sell investments in arms manufacturers [00:09.76]and businesses that specialize in oil and other fossil fuels. [00:16.68]It also has asked Catholics to look closely at companies in areas [00:22.80]such as mining to see if they are hurting the environment. [00:28.52]The calls are part of a new document for Catholic religious leaders and workers. [00:35.56]It marks the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis' encyclical "Laudato Si" (Praised Be) [00:45.88]on the need to protect nature, life, and defenseless people. [00:52.96]The document suggests ways to reach the goals of the Pope's letter. [00:59.12]The encyclical expressed support for agreements to contain global warming. [01:06.60]It also warned against the dangers of climate change. [01:13.00]The new document says people "could favor positive changes" [01:18.44]and remove "from their investments companies that do not satisfy certain parameters." [01:26.88]It listed these as respect for human rights, [01:31.76]bans on child labor and protection of the environment. [01:38.92]The document is called ‘Journeying Towards Care For Our Common Home.' [01:47.20]One part urges Catholics to refuse to use or invest [01:52.84]in "companies that are harmful to human or social ecology, [01:58.08]such as abortion and arms, and to the environment, such as fossil fuels." [02:07.84]Another part calls for the "monitoring" of mining industries [02:12.84]to prevent air, soil and water pollution. [02:19.44]Last month, more than 40 religious groups from around the world [02:24.44]promised to sell investments in fossil fuel companies. [02:28.96]More than 50 percent of those organizations were Catholic. [02:36.36]The Vatican bank has said it does not invest in fossil fuels. [02:41.88]Many Catholic dioceses and educational groups around the world have said the same. [02:50.56]The document urges Catholics to defend the rights of local populations [02:56.64]to have a say in whether their lands can be used for oil or mining. [03:03.36]It also defends the right of Catholics to take strong positions [03:09.16]against companies that cause environmental disasters [03:13.76]or exploit natural resources such as forests. [03:19.68]I'm Susan Shand. 更多听力请访问pzw8555.cn