[ti:U.S. Senators Propose Police Reforms] [by:pzw8555.cn] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问pzw8555.cn [00:00.04]Republican Party members of the United States Senate [00:04.68]have proposed legislation to change police procedures and accountability. [00:13.12]The proposal is called the "Justice Act." [00:17.40]It is the broadest policing proposal from Republicans in years. [00:23.76]It was announced on Wednesday, a day after President Donald Trump [00:29.36]signed an order of police reforms in a ceremony at the White House. [00:35.88]Both actions follow weeks of public protest over the death of George Floyd [00:43.32]during an arrest by police on May 25th in Minnesota. [00:49.64]Officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on the unarmed black man's neck [00:55.00]for almost nine minutes as Floyd called out repeatedly, [01:00.32]"I can't breathe," and, later said, "I'm about to die." [01:06.52]The Senate proposal includes expansion of the use-of-force database [01:13.16]and restrictions on the use of chokeholds. [01:17.80]It also would create groups to study law enforcement and race. [01:24.52]Tim Scott of South Carolina led the Senate Republican team [01:30.20]that developed the legislation. [01:33.28]He said lawmakers will move quickly to enter the proposal for debate next week. [01:41.76]Scott, who is black, spoke of his own experiences [01:46.48]being stopped by police — including once this year. [01:51.48]"We hear you," Scott said, speaking about families of those killed by police. [01:59.52]He added that the Justice Act "speaks very clearly to the young person" [02:05.48]and his concern "when he is stopped by law enforcement officers." [02:11.88]Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urged Senate Democrats to support the Justice Act. [02:19.52]He said the United States is not a racist country [02:25.00]but, in his words, "the stain" of slavery and the Civil War remains. [02:33.04]The leader of the Democratic minority in the senate, Chuck Schumer [02:38.32]immediately criticized the legislation. [02:42.48]He said that the bill would not do enough. [02:46.60]And he said the measure provides less police accountability [02:51.56]than the reform proposed by Democrats in the House of Representatives. [02:58.24]The House Judiciary Committee is currently considering that proposal. [03:04.28]The full House is expected to vote on it next week. [03:09.56]The Republican legislation would strengthen rules that require police [03:14.68]to gather use-of-force reports. [03:17.76]It also would make lynching a federal hate crime, [03:22.56]a move sought by Democratic Party lawmakers. [03:27.84]The proposal calls for an end to the use of chokeholds [03:32.52]but would not require states to ban them. [03:37.32]I'm Caty Weaver. 更多听力请访问pzw8555.cn