[ti:More Hotels Competing on Cleanliness] [by:pzw8555.cn] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问pzw8555.cn [00:00.04]As the United States eases coronavirus restrictions and reopens for business, [00:08.20]big hotel companies are competing on cleanliness. [00:13.16]At the end of May, hotel stays in the U.S. were down 43 percent [00:20.16]compared to May of 2019, reported market research business STR. [00:27.80]As more people travel, hotels consider increased cleanliness measures [00:34.40]in an effort to make visits more appealing to the public. [00:39.00]The companies also see a chance to get back business from competitors, [00:45.84]such as the home-sharing company Airbnb. [00:50.40]Larry Yu is a professor at George Washington University's School of Business in Washington, D.C. [00:59.36]He said some hotels are stricter about cleanliness than others. [01:05.04]But stronger measures for cleaning operations are happening everywhere. [01:11.04]"Everybody is doing it, because it is now expected by consumers," he said. [01:19.00]David Whitesock recently moved from Colorado to New York. [01:24.32]He stayed in hotels in Iowa and Ohio along the way. [01:30.08]"I felt like it was a safe place to be, [01:33.84]that they had done the best that they possibly could given the circumstances," he said. [01:41.12]"A lot of it comes down to: do you trust the hotels [01:45.64]and the people who you are going to come into contact with there?" [01:50.36]Albert Ko says visiting hotels is still risky [01:55.36]even if they have established more protective measures. [02:00.08]Ko is a professor of epidemiology and medicine [02:05.04]at Yale University's School of Public Health in New Haven, Connecticut. [02:11.24]Hotels can bring together people from states and countries [02:15.76]where disease rates are higher, for example, [02:19.60]and many people may not show signs of infection. [02:23.88]"That's the kind of thing that we're worried about in terms of public health," he said. [02:30.24]"These settings can be the cause of outbreaks." [02:34.36]Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky thinks guests will prefer separate homes to hotels filled with people. [02:44.48]Airbnb will continue to expand and improve its cleaning measures, he said. [02:51.52]"Health and cleanliness are going to be one of our biggest focuses," Chesky said. [02:58.40]But Yu said hotel companies can make sure their sites [03:02.76]are meeting cleanliness requirements through their normal auditing process. [03:08.12]That could be more difficult for Airbnb. [03:11.84]Yu noted that the company has rules on cleanliness in place, [03:17.08]but might have more trouble than hotels [03:20.16]in making individual Airbnb operators obey those rules. [03:26.04]I'm John Russell. [03:28.00]更多听力请访问pzw8555.cn